How to Ensure Better Media Quality for WebRTC

WebRTC has evolved from being an ‘up and coming' technology. It has successfully become a dominant technology of our times. Real-time communication is in its full swing. In the post-Covid world, WebRTC technology is a necessary tool for how business/work is done.Our clients from across indus...

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February 9, 2021
Testing Your WebRTC Application – The Best Testing Practices

Like all the other software offerings, Testing is vital for the WebRTC Applications as well. In this blog, we share with you some of the best practices that we leverage while testing our Bespoke WebRTC applications. WebRTC has many important ...

February 5, 2021
A Guide to WebRTC Architecture by

WebRTC technology is used for peer to peer connection on the web, where a browser can connect to another browser and share a variety of data, like video, audio stream, JSON data, etc. This is a simple definition of WebRTC. However, when it comes ...

January 25, 2021
10 Years of WebRTC – 9 Successful WebRTC Applications

It has been 10 years since Google came up with revolutionary web and media technologies, with an intent to create a more vibrant internet communication space. WebRTC, an open-source project, was building APIs for real-time voice and video communi...

January 5, 2021
WebRTC solutions: an Enhancement to Your Unified Communication Suite

WebRTC + UC = Web-Based Unified CommunicationUnified Communications (UC) and WebRTC both are buzzwords, making rounds in the business space. The two are changing business communication forever! The connection between the two, the exact benefi...

December 31, 2020
Optimizing Media Processing with MCU and SFU

Since its release, the WebRTC technology has been converting the internet browser into a powerful multimedia engine. It has brought together state-of-the-art real-time communications technologies: advanced audio and video codecs (Opus, H.264 code...

December 24, 2020
High-Quality Streaming: WebRTC is Broadcaster’s Heaven

The Show Must Go On… The Coronavirus pandemic pushed almost two-thirds of the world’s population under lockdown. The pandemic forced individuals and businesses to change their usual work patterns. It also changed the consumption patterns...

December 16, 2020
WebRTC in 2021 – What The Future Holds

WebRTC technology is by far the best offering in the Real-Time-Communication Industry. As the name suggests, it is a web-enabled technology for one to one as well as one to many video/audio calls, and instant messages. WebRTC is an open-source pr...

December 8, 2020
WebRTC vs VoIP: a Clash or Coexistence?

The original showstopperWebRTC technology came buzzing to the fore and changed real-time communication for the better. But, before WebRTC, there was another superstar in the communication technology space - VoIP.VoIP or IP telephony enabl...

December 1, 2020
A Guide To Ensure The Best UX For Your WebRTc Application

WebRTC is still an evolving and leading-edge space. Thus, a lot of opportunities are hidden in plain sight. We are still exploring the technology. And, as we gain more familiarity, more prospects are sure to surface. A large number of en...