WebRTC in Education – A Dawn of New Era in EdTech

The COVID-19 pandemic shut schools down all across the world. Over a billion children globally are out of the classroom.Education has changed. It is now e-learning with teaching moving to digital platforms.Studies suggest e-learning increases the retention of information among learners. More so ...

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June 15, 2021
How to Ensure Better Media Quality for WebRTC

WebRTC has evolved from being an ‘up and coming' technology. It has successfully become a dominant technology of our times. Real-time communication is in its full swing. In the post-Covid world, WebRTC technology is a necessary tool for how busin...

June 10, 2021
Exploring Video Codec Options for WebRTC Applications

Business owners across the globe have leveraged WebRTC APIs to build websites and applications that enable real-time communication, using audio, video, and/or and data. To establish communication, the two devices just need to comply with a mutual...

June 3, 2021
Our Take on Agora’s WebRTC SDK v3.2.0 is a Real-Time Engagement platform. It provides cross-platform SDKs for developing voice, video, and broadcasting capabilities into WebRTC applications. Agora WebRTC SDK 3.2.0 Video Transmission Optimization Strategy In the Agor...

May 28, 2021
Leveraging Zoom’s Video SDK for Your Business

Video communication creates endless possibilities. Be it customer engagement or team collaboration, video conferencing solutions can be used in innumerable scenarios. Real-time communication solutions can be added to business setup for better com...

May 24, 2021
LinkedIn is Joining the WebRTC Club

LinkedIn is developing its own social audio experience like Clubhouse. LinkedIn is joining Facebook and Twitter among the list of its competitors.  The soaring success of invite-only audio chat application - Clubhouse has inspired Microso...

May 21, 2021
Discussing Precompiled WebRTC Libraries or SDKs

It has always been possible to use WebRTC on mobile. Google released WebRTC for Android Chrome in July 2013, after a few months of Chrome 23 releasing on desktop. Since then the libwebrtc codebase (Google’s implementation of WebRTC) supports mobi...

May 10, 2021
The Rise Of WebRTC Technology

A WebRTC fact: In the summer of 2010, at IETF 78, Google's nascent WebRTC team with engineers from Microsoft, Apple, Mozilla, Skype, Ericsson, etc, decided to gauge the interest in building an RTC platform for the web. A one-day workshop was h...

May 3, 2021
WebRTC for Enterprises – The Perfect Match

Business communication shifted from landline phones to mobile phones, from postal mails to emails, SMS, instant messengers, and closed online communication to WebRTC. Today, there are umpteen ways to carry on business or social engagements. WebRT...

April 22, 2021
Explaining the Hype Around the CPaaS

A little bit of rewind…  Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) is among the newer WebRTC technologies. As explained in the previous article, CPaaS is a digital hub provided by a vendor or third-party that offers application program ...