ML-based Noise Cancelation in WebRTC

Background noises are everywhere and they are annoying. Quite often, important business or personal calls are hindered by the background noise in your surroundings. This issue needs to be addressed, and quickly since the remote working and hybrid work model is here to stay.  Technologies...

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September 3, 2021
Reasons to Choose WebRTC for Video Calling

The ability to stream real-time video across browsers without plugins or downloads makes WebRTC ideal for video calling. Moreover, there is no royalty fee levied when your app is using Google's standard VP8 codec. The advantages of streaming v...

August 28, 2021
WebRTC Video Quality: Bitrate, Resolution, and Frame Rates – Part 1

Video is one of the biggest elements of communication these days. The success of a video call depends on the quality of the video. Real-time videos are a tough nut to crack. WebRTC does make things easier, but some elements still need more attent...

August 25, 2021
Real-time Communication Technology and Remote Working Trends

COVID-19 pandemic has forced employees to work from home, as the office spaces remain closed. The last one and half years have paved the way for remote working and it is here to stay. Companies have now experienced the numerous benefits of a flex...

August 18, 2021
HTTP Live Streaming vs WebRTC

Low-latency streams are needed by all. However, not all protocols have the ability to deliver the same quality. The question is how to decide which protocol to use for your use case? You don’t want a video conferencing solution that is full of gl...

August 10, 2021
Real-Time Video Resolution – Problems Decoded and Resolved

Video resolution is among the most important metrics for real-time streaming. It is responsible for the quality of a video stream and determines the user experience. Familiarity with encoders and their various settings can give desired streaming ...

July 31, 2021
News: Amazon’s AWS Acquires Wickr

Cloud services giant AWS (Amazon Web Services) is entering the encrypted messaging landscape. Amazon has acquired Wickr — a secure communications service for government, military groups, enterprises, and individuals. Amazon will incorporate Wickr...

July 28, 2021
Notes on the TURN Server Location and Logistics

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and WebRTC protocols are instrumental in establishing peer-to-peer (P2P) networks for real-time, media-rich applications like streaming, gaming, and video conferencing apps. Both nodes in a P2P network intending ...

July 23, 2021
WebRTC and IoT Applications

WebRTC in IoT is classified as Device-to-Cloud and Device-to-Person. Typical use of WebRTC as Device-to-Person is related to surveillance cameras, monitoring, video doorbells, etc. Here, WebRTC allows users to see or/and hear what’s happening at ...

July 14, 2021
A Clubhouse-like Channels for Audio Events by Discord

Be it technology giants or up-and-coming digital brands, everyone is scrambling to build a Clubhouse clone right now. This is following the immense boost in the Clubhouse’s popularity since its launch. We have already talked about LinkedIn coming...