Our Take on Agora’s WebRTC SDK v3.2.0 is a Real-Time Engagement platform. It provides cross-platform SDKs for developing voice, video, and broadcasting capabilities into WebRTC applications.

Agora WebRTC SDK 3.2.0

Video Transmission Optimization Strategy

In the Agora WebRTC SDK v3.2.0, the optimization mode is an added property in the StreamSpec interface. This implies that while you are creating a stream object using createStream, you are allowed to choose between detail and motion modes to set the optimization strategy for the video quality in case of a bad network. 

Detail“: Clarity on priority. The SDK will not reduce the resolution but may reduce the frame rate.

Motion“: Smoothness on priority. The SDK will not reduce the frame rate but may reduce the sending resolution.

In case this property is empty, the SDK makes use of the default transmission optimization strategy. For screen-sharing, the default setting is – detail, prioritizing clarity. The case of screen sharing (static content) is similar to a powerpoint presentation, albeit with an enhanced picture quality even in a weak network.

Added Edge Browser Support

WebRTC SDK 3.2.0 of Agora adds full support for chromium-based Windows Edge browsers (version 80 and above).


  1. Improvements to the Stream.init method call. Condition is that the device should support the capture frame rate of 15 fps.
  2. Issue resolved: audio sending bitrate becoming too high after using setAudioProfile.


These are just a few of the additions and improvements in this version 3.2.0. Overall, the new SDK is a great addition to Agora’s offerings to the WebRTC technology. A lot of downsides have been worked on and the new SDK has more to offer. It helps developers with developing and adding better elements to the application. 

With each new SDK, Agora is enabling developers more and more. Partner with if you are looking to leverage Agora for your WebRTC solutions. We have done numerous projects where we have used Agora SDKs to build applications as per our clients’ needs. is powering real-time communication for the next generation of apps and businesses. Like Twilio, Agora also offers an API and SDK, allowing developers to plug in HD voice and video calls to an application. Using these platforms, we are creating next-generation apps for our clients belonging to different industry vertices. 

Whether you want to build a solution using Agora SDK or want an application coded from scratch, contact us to get started