How to Ensure Better Media Quality for WebRTC

WebRTC has evolved from being an ‘up and coming' technology. It has successfully become a dominant technology of our times. Real-time communication is in its full swing. In the post-Covid world, WebRTC technology is a necessary tool for how business/work is done.Our clients from across indus...

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April 12, 2021
An Introduction to CPaaS

Communicating effectively with customers is important for all businesses and they choose the latest technology to accomplish this feat. A lot goes into establishing a communication channel with the customers, starting from choosing the channel an...

April 6, 2021
Real-Time Features in Mobile Applications

Real-time apps mimic the behavior of the real world, engaging more users.Real-time technology is a basic requirement for mobile applications. It is no longer an optional feature like it used to be. The real-time technology delivers data in re...

March 26, 2021
Our Experience With WebRTC Signaling

When you are having a WebRTC solution build, you need to pay special attention to Signaling. It is the life-force for WebRTC. The debate that heats up now and then is over the use of standard signaling (such as SIP) vs. proprietary signaling. Whe...

March 22, 2021
Creating RTC Applications Using Amazon Chime SDK

Let’s start with discussing what is Amazon ChimeIt is a service that enables you to communicate inside and outside your organization. It facilitates chat, video meets, calls, all using a single application. Developers use the communications i...

March 16, 2021
The Importance Of Simulcast in WebRTC

Multi-party video infrastructure is pretty daunting to deal with. Having said that, the technology, standards, and products enabling multiparty video in WebRTC have matured exceptionally in the past few years. Simulcast is one of the key underlyi...

March 11, 2021
Effortless Surveillance Using WebRTC

Having security systems for domestic and commercial uses has never been easier. The Internet of Things has easily enabled it, accompanied by smaller hardware, smartphones, and mighty WebRTC technology. Let’s explore the latest trends, concerns, a...

March 3, 2021
7 Business Applications of Video Conferencing

In the last article, we anatomized the video-conferencing application for our readers. We looked into the technical part of it. In this one, let’s talk about the idea and innovation that is taking place concerning video conferencing applications....

February 24, 2021
Breaking Down a WebRTC Powered Video Conferencing App

These times of social distancing have made video confessing and virtual meetups a new normal. As remote working capabilities are on the test, so are the real-time communication facilities. Be it Zoom, Jitsi, Skype, Talkroom, or any brows...

February 17, 2021
WebRTC – End-to-End Encryption Demystified

Increased and optimal adoption of the cloud has made the deployment of conferencing solutions very easy. Cloud adoption is on the rise due to the reduced workload and expenses. With the Cloud, there is no need to deal with physical machines, virt...