Creating RTC Applications Using Amazon Chime SDK

Let’s start with discussing what is Amazon Chime

It is a service that enables you to communicate inside and outside your organization. It facilitates chat, video meets, calls, all using a single application. Developers use the communications infrastructure and services that power Amazon Chime to add audio calling, video calling, and screen sharing capabilities to client applications using the Amazon Chime SDK.

Simply put, Amazon Chime SDK is a set of RTC components that adds audio calling, video calling, and screen sharing capabilities to your web or mobile applications. RTCWeb’s developers can leverage this powerful communication infrastructure and services, and deliver engaging experiences in your applications.

We can use the Amazon Chime SDK to build feature-rich unified communications (UC) applications, telehealth applications, distance learning solutions, simple one-to-one video interaction, and many more solutions.

Let’s discuss three major components that support the development of your RTC applications using the Amazon Chime SDK.

  • Amazon Chime (APIs)
  • Amazon Chime Client SDK Libraries
  • Amazon Chime Media Services

Amazon Chime APIs

The Amazon Chime APIs in the AWS SDK are used for managing the meeting lifecycle. These APIs are suited to create meetings, manage the attendees, and securely provide the information needed to join the call.

Amazon Chime SDK libraries

There are three of them:

  1. The Amazon Chime SDK for JavaScript: This library enables real-time media in WebRTC-enabled browsers. 
  2. The mobile device client libraries: This one can be used for developing applications for third-party iOS and Android devices. 
  3. The client library: This one contains methods to list and select audio and video devices, configure media sessions, (start/stop) content sharing and viewing, receive callbacks when media events occur such as volume changes, etc.

Amazon Chime Media Services

Audio, video, and content sharing are supported by the media services library.

end-to-end application workflow
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A diagram illustrating the major components of the Amazon Chime SDK

So are there any benefits of opting for Amazon Chime?

Certainly, there are!

  1. Faster Development 

Integrating pre-built communication building blocks into the applications accelerates the development.

  1. Simplified Operations

The expertise of AWS in running real-time communications infrastructure securely is what simplifies operations for us.

  1. High Availability Scaling

Serverless Architecture facilitates high availability and scaling

  1. Pay for only what is being used

Seamless automatic scaling capabilities of the AWS cloud handles peak loads of application. We don’t need to indulge in pre-provision the resources.

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