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Recruiting right personnel is a challenge. From job vacancy to selection of the applicants and interview, the process involves a huge investment of resources. WebRTC makes the entire process an effortless task. Real-time communication is gaining high traction in the recruitment industry, thus, structuring the process completely online. It allows you to see people’s expressions and replicate in-person interview experience.

Partnering with fully integrated RTC organization embeds end-to-end capabilities in recruiting right candidates. RTCWeb helps you create a truly multi-channel recruitment experience with real-time web communication solutions. It provides instant, varied and large number of interview rounds on one platform. RTCWeb helps you to yield high-quality hiring experience to your clients.

Future of real-time recruitment is ‘here’ and ‘now’. So, carve the best talent and streamline your hiring process more than ever.

Benefits: Touch Points

  • Saves time and money.
  • Facilitates process to hire distant or remote candidates.
  • Enables varied and large number of interview rounds.
  • Provides secure communication between recruiters and applicants
  • Allows candidates to create a profile on the WebRTC platform where diplomas, cover letters, and other pertinent data can be stored.

Core Features

  • Virtual Interviews - To let interviewer and candidate "meet" and interact using video, instant messaging programs, and web-conferencing services.
  • Online Data Library - An online library where the applicant can share, store resume, degrees and other pertinent data.
  • Real-time Chats - To help you connect with every candidate and chat in real-time.
  • Video Discussions - The feature lets you discuss with candidates and conduct online interview with offline in-person interview experience.
  • Calendar Integration - To let you schedule interview by notifying you and all the candidates. Also, keep a track and remind you for all the other interviews in the pipeline.
  • Video Recording - A feature that lets you record interviews and view it later while selecting the candidate that suits your requirement.
  • Screen Sharing - The option helps interviewer to invigilate the assignments given during interview by screen sharing.
  • Annotation - Comment or add note to the discussion during interview.