About Us
Who We Are
  • WEBRTC Consultants
  • Solution Architects
  • Network Administrators
  • UX Designers
  • Web and Mobile Developers
  • Manual and Automation Test Engineers
What We Do
  • Assess optimum technology solution
  • Rapid prototyping for beta releases
  • Build real-time communication app
  • Custom UX/UI Engineering
  • Integrate multiple complex API's
  • Configure server hosting & network admin
How We Work
  • Modular process-driven delivery
  • Rigorous requirement engineering
  • Iterative development cycle
  • Continuous review and retrospection
  • Regular interaction of teams
  • Timely system and technology upgrades
Solutions we built
WebRTC Solutions

Sales Coaching

A role-play coaching platform for trainers with a structured, interactive, and personalized video-based sales training and coaching experience. A student can record his video and submit to the coach who then provides feedback in real time.


Our solution connected physicians and patients online. For physicians, it provides a high-quality, easy to use video conferencing platform they can integrate smoothly into their medical practice and patient care workflow. Virtual office visits connect physicians and patients quickly and securely using everyday mobile and desktop devices.

Web Conferencing

Our Video conferencing solution allows users to have a live meeting with colleagues or friends online. It has features like screen share, recording, webinars, meetings, text chat etc.