Partners - Xura

Xura Introduction

An an enabler of digital communication services for enterprises, Xura facilitates video chat, VOIP calling and content sharing on websites and mobile apps. Xura makes it easy to deploy with recording and libraries for authentication and presence.

Xura's Forge and WebRTC Platform

Xura’s Forge platform allows rapid deployment of rich communication features on website or mobile applications using APIs and SDKs. It is secured by the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud environment and ensures that communication takes place as intended. Apart from video, IP, voice, messaging and SMS, Xura allows group messaging and recording in their Forge SDK.

Xura’s platform features:
  • Android, iOS and JavaScript SDKs.
  • PSTN support.
  • Deployment to client’s infrastructure.
  • Authentication service.

Xura - RTCWeb Partnership

Xura, earlier known as Acision, has a proven track of providing communications services for more than 20 years. As a partner, we use the Forge platform to provide an ability to create and deploy highly scalable and reliable applications. Xura lets client think beyond audio and video chat by accessing their entire network.

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