Partners - XirSys

XirSys Introduction

XirSys offers server-side infrastructure to deploy WebRTC applications and services. It provides production-grade, expert, reliable and fault-tolerant environment. Xirsys integrates with applications to offer an enhanced user-experience.

XirSys and WebRTC Platform

XirSys facilitates development and deployment of WebRTC applications. The platform offers reliability, scalability and handles performance requirements for application’s tools to enhance development process. It manages server requirements crucial for production-quality services and applications for WebRTc server infrastructure. It counts on guaranteed performance, reliability, security and scalability.

The XirSys platform features:
  • JavaScript SDK.
  • Network based signaling.
  • NAT firewall transversal.
  • Relay servers and global infrastructure.

XirSys - RTCWeb Partnership

XirSys allows hosting WebRTC products and services without worrying about backend negotiations required to start a WebRTC session. We partner with XirSys to utilize powerful set of APIs that helps us deliver our clients’ ready to market products and services.

Other Partners

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