Partners - testRTC

testRTC Introduction

It is a testing, monitoring and analytics platform tailored for WebRTC-based communications. testRTC integrates during development and deployment processes to enhance user experience of the service.

testRTC and WebRTC

The testRTC platform is equipped to test WebRTC services. It allows you to assess devices, browsers (types and versions) with load and regression testing. These qualifying criteria are crucial in providing detailed knowledge of your platform. Thus letting you provide best services to the clients.

The testRTC platform features:
  • Monitoring of your production.
  • Troubleshooting communication related problems.
  • Views application’s performance.
  • Setting scheduled monitoring events.

testRTC - RTCWeb Partnership

Creating a new WebRTC product or service is a prerequisite to ensure delivery of best experience to clients. Equally important is a testing or monitoring of application to assess performance and troubleshoot issues users may face. testRTC does the needful and ensures a delightful experience. We partner with the testRTC platform to help clients deploy testing and monitoring services and provide insights, real-time metrics into WebRTC enabled products and services.

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