Partners - Respoke

Respoke Introduction

A product of Digium, Respoke is a market leader in development of manufacturing communications hardware and telephony software with one of the most notable phone system - Asterisk. Respoke allows adding live voice, video, text and data features to web and mobile applications.

Respoke and WebRTC Platform

Respoke offers a exhaustive set of features for your product or service. It uses a powerful set of APIs and SDks to add live voice, video, text and data features to the website and mobile applications. With end-to-end encryption, it thoroughly secures communications in peer-to-peer voice and video streams. Respoke remains a reliable scalable cloud platform allowing your applications to scale with business.

The Respoke platform features:
  • JavaScript SDKs, iOS and Android.
  • PSTN Network support.
  • Asterisk integration support.
  • Screen sharing.

Respoke - RTCWeb Partnership

The Digium team has the vision to lead solution development and make it easy for clients to consume new technology. As a Respoke development partner, RTCWeb counts on Respoke’s ability to offer clients a custom solution that fits the needs of customers.

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