Partners - Oracle

Oracle Introduction

The Oracle Session Controller facilitates communications service providers (CSPs) and enterprises to offer services from any device, across any network. It enables reliable, secure and interoperable enterprise deployments to enhance unified communications and communications applications.

Oracle and WebRTC Platform

The Oracle Communications WebRTC Session Controller enables rapid development and deployment of powerful and differentiating applications. The Oracle session controller leverages proven Oracle Communications service delivery platform which offers network capabilities and allow businesses to create high quality communications for their users.

The Oracle platform features:
  • JavaScript SDKs, iOS and Android.
  • Media anchoring.
  • Message and session brokering.
  • Session management.

Oracle - RTCWeb Partnership

Oracle has been a major enterprise solutions provider across industries including WebRTC. Clients usually seek solutions that fits into their current infrastructure and allows easy transition into WebRTC Communications. We partner with Oracle to effortlessly integrate new products and services for our clients.

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