Partners - Agora

Agora Introduction

Agora offers pre-requisites for high-definition voice and video call on any device with a simple and powerful SDK. Its proprietary technology supports as many as 2000 users in a single call. Agora provides a delightful end-to-end user experience for their customers.

Agora and WebRTC Platform

Agora has a proprietary solution for HD audio, video services to enterprises seeking incorporation of real-time communication technology. It seamlessly builds real-time voice and video communication without having to worry about technology complexity and time taken to integrate solution.

The Agora platform features:
  • Group conferencing for up to 2,000 users.
  • Delightful UX assurance for customers.
  • JavaScript SDKs, iOS, Android and Windows.
  • PSTN support.

Agora - RTCWeb Partnership

We partner with Agora to offer solutions that can scale to a few thousand users in a single session. Our collaboration with Agora help offer client an ability to meet application demands while focusing on quality of experience for users even in high-capacity situations.

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