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Financial Services

Organizations providing financial services are looking for real-time communication solution to offer their clients personalized platform. Operating online financial services is quite easy. The tough part is to stay connected with the customers. By integrating WebRTC in your interface, you can offer high touch, customized services to your clients.

With RTCWeb you can collaborate with your clients in real-time via live video directly embedding into a context of the account. Whether it is portfolio management, accounts related queries or retirement planning WebRTC enable financial organizations to help and discuss with their clients via live chats or videos.

Industry leaders turn to RTCWeb for the real-time solution which provides security, compliance, reliability, and high customer support. They can also attain business agility in the entire financial workflow. They look forward to real-time solution which provides connection within their organization and clients but also facilitate communication with other financial organizations.

Benefits: Touch Points

  • Provides highly personalized and cost-effective services.
  • Provides user interface that matches functions you need for trader voice communication.
  • Prevents interruption and keeps continuous communication due to automatic recovery.
  • Consists regulatory compliance which is must for financial services firm.
  • Provides simple and convenient services for your end users.

Core Features

  • Real-time Chats - To help you connect with every client and chat in real-time.
  • Video Discussions - To directly discuss account related queries, manage portfolio and retirement planning in real-time without any in-person meetings.
  • Screen Sharing - The option that lets one to share the screen with other, the one on the other side can look into what is going on one's screen and discuss.
  • Calendar Integration - It allows financial advisor to manage their time for online meetings with their clients.
  • Video Recording - A feature that lets you record discussions between client and advisor and view it later.
  • Encrypted Archiving - It provides the highest level of security and the archived data is always encrypted at rest or in transit.