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While higher education institutions are increasingly competing with distance learning programs, the education industry leaders are looking forward to expand reach of the classroom with real-time communication. WebRTC is surpassing all communication channels when it comes to effective collaboration between students, teachers, and subject matter experts. Distance learning programs can also be enhanced with real-time solutions providing more interactive and synchronous learning resulting in improved student performance.

With all the real-time communication solution providers, RTCWeb helps you deliver superior educational experience enhancing your existing learning management system. It provides novel virtual learning, improving your e-learning experience to lead you to all the traditional methods of education.

Benefits: Touch Points

  • Integration of online classes with any e-learning platforms.
  • Exponential increase in reach and interaction due to high accessibility and cost effectiveness.
  • Effective collaboration between teachers, students, and subject experts.
  • Simple and intuitive interface with hassle-free online examination process.
  • Fosters collaboration and interaction, increasing engagement in and out of the classroom.

Core Features

  • Virtual Classes - The virtual environment where teacher and students can communicate, view presentations or videos, interact with other participants, and engage with resources in work groups.
  • Online Tutoring - A virtual or online platform, where subject matter experts can conduct their lectures and upload tutorials or study guides.
  • Video Recording - A feature that lets you record lectures in virtual classrooms and view them later.
  • Whiteboarding - The on-screen version of offline notebook, where you can draw, write, and jot down points during the class.
  • Real-time Chats - To help you connect with every participant and chat in real-time.
  • Screen Sharing - The option that lets one to share the screen with other, so the other side can look into what is going on one's screen and discuss.
  • Annotation - Comment or add notes to the discussion during class.