Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

WebRTC provides a plugin-free real-time communication with no download or installation requirements. All you need is an updated version of a browser along with a headphone and a webcam. Just log on to the application and get started.
WebRTC leverages the real-time communication technology to allow users to connect and communicate seamlessly. It let users initiate connect through browsers to start the chat, audio/ video call and share files. Since the application is browser based, it can be accessed on mobile devices as well.
Yes, our solution supports private as well as group chat feature.
The group chat feature lets you chat with multiple users at a time. The number of participants that can join a chat depends on the network infrastructure available. The application allows you to conveniently have an audio call with up to 20 people and a video call with up to 8 people.
Yes, you can save the chat for future retrieval. The platform allows you to save text, audio as well video content for a playback as and when required.
Our solution is compatible with all mobile handsets. It supports Android, Windows as well as iOS devices.
Yes, our solution supports the screen sharing feature.
You can use WebRTC with browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera.
We create scalable applications that can accommodate the growing needs of an organization and accommodate large number of sessions. Our applications offer auto-scaling & horizontal scaling of infrastructure.
We use Kurento server. It is a powerful media allows extraction of media streams and seamlessly create rich multimedia platforms.
WebRTC offers developers an ability to write rich, real-time multimedia applications on the web. The architectures we follow to create such applications are Thin Server Architecture( TSA) and Central Server-Based Architecture, Multi Conferencing Unit and Mesh Architecture.

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