Partners - Tokbox

TokBox Introduction

TokBox is a leading cloud, custom-platform for adding voice, video, and messages to websites and mobile applications. Tokbox is fully flexible and leverages cutting-edge WebRTC technology to offer delightful user experience on a browser or device.

TokBox and WebRTC Platform

OpenTok - The TokBox platform remains one of the most powerful embedded communications platform leveraging WebRTC technology. The platform offers developers live, face-to-face video without any hassle of developing, and managing the infrastructure. The Opentok platform is suitable for enterprises. It provides tools, analytics and infrastructure to help develop, manage & deploy solution successfully.

The platform features:
  • JavaScript SDKs, iOS & Android.
  • High-quality multi-party calls.
  • Screen sharing feature.
  • Option to record live calls for future retrieval.

TokBox - RTCWeb Partnership

We collaborate with TokBox to provide scalable and reliable solutions for our clients. With a commitment to enhance applications using WebRTC technology and a strife for excellence, TokBox has grown into a powerhouse provider. As a Tokbox partner, we offer best service to our clients for products and services in the industry.

Other Partners

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