Partners - Temasys

Temasys Introduction

Temasys provides real-time communication solutions with a full stack solution based on audio, video, data interactivity, and WebRTC. It offer peer-to-peer and group communications for both web and mobile applications. Temasys remains one of the most popular plugins in Internet Explorer and Safari allowing WebRTC communication.

Temasys and WebRTC Platform

Temasys is a leading solution provider with an ability to bring products and services to life more simply and quickly. It provides WebRTC-powered frameworks, components, and infrastructure for businesses to communicate using video, audio, chat and data exchange as integrated feature instead of an add-on. Temasys opens a new world of possibilities in communications by providing web-based tools to embed communication in any device.

The Skylink platform features:
  • JavaScript SDKs, iOS and android.
  • Reliable, multi-region infrastructure.
  • Plugin (Internet Explorer & Safari).
  • Application analytics.

Temasys - RTCWeb Partnership

We tied up with Temasys to bring solutions for real business problems in a simple way. As a Temasys partner we collaborate with clients to extend the power of WebRTC and help business realize vision.

Other Partners

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