Partners - Pubnub

PubNub Introduction

PubNub is a user-friendly API that enables customers to connect, scale and manage real-time applications and IoT services. It is a secure global Data Stream Network (DSN) which provides low-latency signaling and transferring of SDPs for communication using WebRTC technology.

PubNub and WebRTC Platform

Pubnub offers scalable, reliable real-time applications to businesses. The data streamed through PubNub DSN gets replicated across geographic boundaries at 14 distributed centers with handshake being key to telephony applications.

The PubNub platform provides options like:
  • Saving communications for playback.
  • Tracking real-time users’ status.
  • Real-time analytics on your application.
  • Data streaming and signalling to any device/ user initiating WebRTC connections.

PubNub - RTCWeb Partnership

Working with the right partners to offer quality services to the clients is crucial. PubNub has been a leading real-time solution provider since 2010. We partner with PubNub, not only for the platform, but also attention to detail and commitment it brings in connecting, managing and scaling real-time communications.

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