Partners - OnSIP

OnSIP Introduction

OnSIP is a leading Real-Time Communications services provider that offers an on-demand phone system at a low price. It is a cloud platform and offers simple APIs to quickly build and deploy RTC applications.

OnSIP's SIP.Js and WebRTC Platform

OnSIP helps setting up a communication system for business in a simple and reliable manner. It lets clients add users, phones, numbers, voicemail boxes to the client. OnSIP’s library SIP.js primarily boosts the capabilities of products and services. It lets developers integrate SIP signaling stack to their webRTC applications. The repository - SIP.js is an open-source product and built to work seamlessly with OnSIP’s platfform.

The SIP.js platform features:
  • JavaScript SDK.
  • Open-source library.
  • Screen sharing.
  • Status of connected users.

OnSIP - RTCWeb Partnership

With onset of WebRTC technology, there is an influx of growing number of service providers in the market. Most of them would face interoperability challenges between WebRTC and PSTN. OnSIP is a market leader in the segment and has successfully been delivering apt solutions. We collaborate with OnSIP to offer clients, best practices prevailing in the industry.

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