Partners - Frozen

Frozen Mountain Introduction

Frozen Mountain is a leading software solutions provider on multiple platforms leveraging the latest in real-time communications technology. It helps businesses manage scores of day-to-day problems and enable customers to stay at the forefront of competition and technology and minimize risks as well as development costs.

Frozen Mountain’s Icelink and WebRTC Platform

Frozen Mountain is an innovative solution provider in creating commercial repositories for real-time applications. Their products adhere industry standards w.r.t. protocols, interfaces and reliability. Icelink is a completely customizable cross-platform solution that can manage all media for WebRTC server. It leverages STUN, TURN and ICE for networking and RTP/RTCP & SRTP/SRTCP standards for formatting, encryption and message authentication.

The IceLink platform features:
  • PSTN support.
  • Windows, iOS, Android and Xamarin SDKs.
  • IE & Safari compatibility.
  • In-network deployment.
  • VP8 & H.264 codecs support.

Frozen Mountain - RTCWeb Partnership

We collaborate with the Frozen Mountain team to offer clients an ability to build and deploy solutions directly in their networks. Our team works closely with Frozen Mountain to help clients deploy advanced applications and meet business requirements.

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